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Selfie Saygısı: Selfie'ler ve Benlik Saygısı – Selfitis Yeni Bir Zihinsel Bozukluk mu?

We all know what a ‘selfie’ is, right? With the rise of social media, taking pictures of yourself seems easier (and sometimes more important) than ever before.

And yet, while countless selfies may be instantly shared online and make their way into our feed and onto our timelines, few people have stopped to consider the effect it might be having on their self-esteem.

We explore why taking selfies regularly could actually affect your mental health, as well as how to recognize an unhealthy relationship with self-photography.

Why Many People Take Selfies

Seek perfection

Individuals tend to seek perfection in all aspects of their lives. Taking selfies is like creating a perfect shot of yourself without any visible blemishes or flaws, only possible with a reflective screen and facial detection software. It can be used to showcase the best version of oneself.

Share an experience

Selfies can also be used to share an experience with others. With more people traveling and exploring the world, selfies have become a way of capturing moments and surrounding area that would otherwise go unnoticed and forgotten.

Make comparison

Most people want to compare themselves to others. Taking selfies and comparing them to the photos of those around you can be a way for people to gauge how they perceive you in terms of looks, fashion taste, or even accomplishments.

Teenage Girls And The Selfie Mirror Addiction

The Selfie Mirror Addiction
Perfect Shot for Social Media

Young girls today are growing up in a world where selfie is highly important and often distorted by social media.

It’s no wonder many young girls have become addicted to taking photos in front of selfie mirrors with their phones.

While it may seem harmless fun at first, this tendency can quickly spiral out of control if not addressed properly.

Selfie mirror addiction and phone pictures constantly taken can lead to an obsession with looks and an unhealthy sense of self. It can also cause feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem.

Girls may find themselves comparing themselves to others or trying to be someone they’re not, just so they can take perfect selfies.

There are many sofware available for girls that allow them to instantly print these pictures.

Differentiating Healthy and Unhealthy Selfies

  • A healthy selfie photo is taken less frequently and can be used to notice personal growth, celebrate accomplishments, and self-importance. It also has people, animals, or landmarks in the surrounding area and can be an opportunity to document a moment in life with a simple photo. Finally, healthy selfies are taken with a purpose.
  • An unhealthy selfie photo is often taken too frequently and often based on seeking validation from external sources. The focus becomes more on the number of likes or texts. Additionally, unhealthy selfie photo usually involves forming poses that are signs of showing off physical features, often with filters, reflective screen, or facial detection software like Photoshop used to edit the photo snap.

Effects of Posting Selfies Online on Your Mental Health

Changes how individuals view and describe themselves

Selfie photos interfere with how individuals view and describe themselves. While many people like to pose for a photo and share how they look behind the selfie mirror, others may find that posting selfies affects their sense of well-being.

Increases In Their Anxiety And Depression

Most people develop anxiety and depression because of posting their photo and selfies. They get depressed because they need validation from others through likes, comments, and shares. It’s also possible that people may start comparing their looks with other selfie posters, leading to false self-worth or a feeling of inadequacy.

Decreased Quality Of Relationships

The quality of relationships can be negatively impacted by posting your photo online. A self-portrait photo is often seen as a form of self-promotion or bragging and can make others feel left out or excluded the society.

Impression of Narcissism

Research has it that narcissism reveals itself when individuals upload selfies regularly. This is because the posters are perceived as vain or selfish and focused on themselves alone. Narcissism can lead to difficulties in forming relationships and can cause social alienation.


Desire to Pose
Desire to Pose

Selfies can be highly addictive and can lead to over-sharing and an unhealthy obsession with looks. Individuals who upload too frequently may start to prioritize their online photos instead of focusing on the experiences.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, addiction to selfies is a mental disorder called “selfitis,” -the same we have substance disorder.

This is described as an obsessive-compulsive desire to take self-photos and upload them for others to see.

Depending on the selfitis behaviour scale, further research suggested the disorder is can be broken into three levels: borderline selfitis, acute selfitis, and chronic selfitis disorder.

This finding is developed on the standards established in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual.

Selfie Harm and the Damage Caused by Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are among the most used social medial application on phones, yet they are causing selfie harm. There’s no denying it — individuals take increasingly more pictures of themselves and post them on social media to get approval from friends, family, and strangers.

Selfie Harm
Negative Consequences of Taking Selfies

But all this attention has negative consequences for your mental health.

Constantly comparing yourself with everyone else, obsessing over likes and comments, or feeling like you’re not good enough can all take a toll on your self-esteem.

It doesn’t stop there; either social media has been linked to feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. As you scroll through the feeds on your phone screen, you’re bombarded with snap photos of people seemingly having perfect lives.

This isn’t reality, but it’s easy to feel like it is and start comparing yourself. You can become hyper-critical of yourself, creating pressure that can lead to mental health issues.

How to Use Selfie Mirror Photo Booths Correctly

Practice moderation and mindfulness

Selfie Photo Booth
Selfie Photo Booth

You have to practice moderation when it comes to taking photos with the selfie mirror photo booths. It’s way too easy to get carried away, and before you know it, you’re hundreds of photos deep, and hours have passed. To avoid getting to such a point, be mindful when using the selfie mirror photo booths and set a limit.

View Selfie Photo Booths For Sale

Channel that inner rock star

You are a rock star, so don’t be afraid to let your true self shine in front of that camera. Strike a pose then express your reflection with all the fun props and backdrops you can grab and use with the selfie mirror. After all, that’s why these amazing photo booths exist.

Affirm your real worth

Know your value and the worth you bring to any situation, and don’t be afraid to show it in your reflection. A selfie mirror isn’t just fun for taking any silly photo. It’s a great way to show self-confidence and be proud.

Don’t compare yourself to others

You do not need to compare yourself with anyone else behind the selfie mirror. Everyone is unique in their own way, and you should embrace your own special features and qualities while behind the selfie mirror.

A Take-Home Message

Posing For A Selfie
Posing For A Selfie

So go out there and grab your selfie mirror, take a selfie photo of yourself, and post.

But make sure to do it for the right reasons because it’s fun taking the photo, and you want to share it with your friends, not because you’re looking for validation from strangers.

And if you ever start to lose track of who you are and what you stand for (or display symptoms similar to this) , just remember: there’s more to life than likes on Instagram and Facebook.

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