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What Can I Eat After Tooth Extraction: Foods To Avoid After Tooth Extraction

What Can I Eat After Tooth Extraction?

Many patients commonly ask this question. Dental surgery due to tooth decay may be challenging, but if you don’t know what to eat during recuperation, it might be much more unpleasant.

You need to be aware of what to eat after your teeth extracted. Your overall health and nutrition have a huge impact on how quickly your teeth heal following extraction. You run the danger of developing a bone and gum infection if you are casual about what you consume following tooth extraction.

Third molars are another name for wisdom teeth. They are often the final teeth to erupt and develop near the back of your gums.

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Four wisdom teeth are common, one at each rear corner of the mouth. Your wisdom teeth may develop at strange angles unlike other teeth.

People frequently get their wisdom teeth removed in order to solve these issues. However, until they create issues, wisdom teeth don’t always need to be removed.

It’s crucial to make sure you’re eating well after having your wisdom teeth removed.

What Is A Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction occurs when a tooth or dental root is removed without significantly harming the nearby tissues. The extraction technique ensures that there won’t be any issues when the socket heals following the procedure.

Patients frequently receive recommendations from a dentist on how to care for their mouth after having a tooth extracted.

How Soon Can I Resume Eating After Having A Tooth Pulled?

Even though tooth extraction is a safe treatment, proper aftercare is crucial for a speedy recovery process. Additionally, nutrition is crucial to aftercare.

You must understand what to eat, how to eat it, and when to eat it after having a tooth extractoin in order to avoid doing anything that hinders, slows down, or, worse still, creates problems with the healing process..

Here are some essential things to eat with care guidelines to help you stay trouble-free while your dentist will give you precise directions on when you may begin eating after having a tooth extracted and what to eat.


The soup should be on your list of soft meals to consume after wisdom teeth removal during the first few days following tooth extraction surgery.

Because there aren’t any huge parts of meat or vegetables for you to chew, pureed vegetable soups are healthful and easy on your tongue and teeth.

Make sure the soup is lukewarm or cold before eating it since eating it hot would pain the area where your tooth was pulled and might lead to infection.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is an excellent protein- and calcium-rich snack. Protein-rich food aids in healing, so eat as much of it as you can.

Yogurt’s creamy texture also makes it simple to eat after having a tooth pulled.


Broths are a great source of nutritious foods for dental care. In addition to being tasty, they also have a number of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, if you have trouble getting enough water in your diet, broths are an excellent way to stay hydrated.

One kind of broth that is praised for its health properties is bone broth. It is a nourishing stock created by boiling connective tissue and animal bones.

To prevent rubbing the wound, make sure to only eat the broth at lukewarm or cold temperatures.

Cottage Cheese

You may add cottage cheese to other dishes to have extra flavor or have it as a soft source of protein as a snack.

For added taste, you might, for instance, incorporate it into smoothies or add it to eggs.

Boiled Or Scrambled Eggs

Almost no one can refuse it because it is one of the breakfast essentials. For breakfast, nothing beats smooth, creamy scrambled eggs.

particularly if you are going through the dreadful recuperation phase following extraction. Boiling eggs are also a healthier option for breakfast if you want something soft, simple to digest, and packed with protein.

Avoid that extremely enticing bread with your eggs if you want the surgery site to heal more quickly. 


Smoothies are great as a dessert, a morning food, or a snack. Add a scoop of protein powder and a ton of healthy fruits and vegetables to give oneself a boost.

Smoothies are a delicious method to ensure that you get all the vitamins, particularly vitamin C, that you need and that you don’t disrupt the healing process.

Mashed Pumpkin

After having your wisdom teeth removed, mashed, cooked pumpkin is an excellent food to comsume. It’s a fruit, even though it’s frequently referred to as a vegetable.

Its mushy, soft texture makes it simple to chew and swallow without irritating the mouth.

Additionally, pumpkin is a great source of potassium, vitamins A, C, and E, and other nutrients as well. The body may heal from wisdom teeth removal with the aid of these vitamins by boosting immunity.


Compared to ordinary oatmeal, instant oatmeal is less chewy, but depending on the dental work you’ve done, you should exercise caution before consuming it. Wait around three days before eating oatmeal if you have any wisdom teeth removed.

Make sure the oatmeal is warmed before you consume it to avoid irritating the tongue. Oatmeal is high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, all of which help you feel full and maintain your energy levels.

Mashed Potatoes

A versatile root vegetable, potatoes may be cooked in a variety of ways. Particularly after having your wisdom teeth removed, mashed potatoes might be soothing to eat.

They are calorie and nutrition dense, both of which are crucial for recuperation. This is due to the fact that following surgery, people need a little more energy.

If you find it difficult to consume enough food, mashed potatoes are a terrific option since they let you ingest a lot of nutrients and energy in a short amount of time.

Make sure your mashed potatoes are either lukewarm or chilly since hot foods may aggravate the wound.


The quickest and simplest cuisine to prepare following an extraction is pasta. Choose whole wheat pasta over standard spaghetti if you want to go for a healthier alternative.

Once more, you may complete the meal by including a protein of your choosing. Make sure it is a tooth-friendly option, such as shredded chicken, beef, or fish.

Baked Fish 

You don’t have to eat bland, tasteless cuisine when you’re healing from dental surgery. Try several types of proteins; at this period, start eating soft food.

Go for fish instead of chicken or beef. Iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and other critical vitamins and minerals may all be found in fish. The fish spills its natural oils considerably more when it is baked as opposed to fried. Fish filets are significantly easier to obtain than other fish.


Middle Eastern cuisine frequently includes hummus, which has gained popularity all around the world. It’s one of the best foods and fantastic source of protein, vitamins, minerals, and good fats. Hummus is a fantastic post-wisdom dental extraction snack because of this.

In a food processor, combine lemon juice, olive oil, chickpeas, garlic, and tahini to create hummus. As an alternative, most stores sell readymade hummus.

The crisp texture of chips and pita bread may unfortunately make it impossible for you to enjoy hummus with them. Hummus is still wonderful when eaten on its own, though.

Foods To Avoid After Tooth Extraction

For a healthy and steady recovery, it is essential to know what to eat and avoid consuming foods and drinking following extraction. We already know that meals that are difficult to chew might harm the affected area.

Certain foods might aggravate the surgically repaired sores in your mouth while they recover. Knowing which meals to avoid when recovering is essential to heal faster and prevent issues.

Following wisdom teeth removal, avoid the following foods:

Spicy Meals

Following extraction, you might wish to reduce your intake of hot food if you enjoy it. In addition to being unhealthy for you generally, it also causes some major issues following extraction. Consuming any spicy food aggravates the sutures and leads to gum pain.

Consumption of Acidic and spicy foods can also cause stomach issues, including peptic ulcers, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), etc. According to research, GERD can cause tooth wear and dental erosion over time.

No Drinking

After surgery, we understand how tempting it is for you to go for that glass of red wine. 

However, following a dental procedure like a tooth extraction, it causes you more harm than good.

Alcohol may temporarily dull the pain, but in the long term, it just slows down the healing. It makes the surgical site more susceptible to infection.


When can one eat solid foods after having a tooth pulled? may be a question you have. when you eat meat. The response, however, totally depends on how quickly the wound heals.

Meat requires a lot of chewing and tooth grinding since it is so chewy. But while your extraction incision is healing, you should avoid that as much as you can.

No Smoking

You run the same risk if you smoke just after the extraction. It dehydrates the mouth, and if you inhale too forcefully, your sutures may also come undone. Another issue that might arise if you continue to smoke and drink is the “dry socket.”

Most Seeds And Grains

A few seeds and grains might potentially become stuck in the wound and prevent it from healing.

Avoid Eating Cold Foods Or Hot Foods

The healing period depends heavily on the first two days following the procedure. A part of maintaining a healthy diet is avoiding meals that are overly hot or cold.

It is best to avoid severe temperatures if you already have sensitivity concerns. Instead, opt for lukewarm or room-temperature water or other beverages.

Too cold or hot food consumption causes the gums around the afflicted region to become uncomfortable or inflamed. One must thus take special precautions to prevent these post-operative problems.

Chewy Foods

When your mouth is still numb just after surgery and chewy foods are present, you run the danger of biting your face, lips, or tongue.

Crunchy Food

After an extraction, you might find it appealing to grab a snack since you can’t eat normal meals. However, you should proceed with caution. chips or cookies might become lodged in the place of extraction and prevent healing. Steer clear of foods that have a crunch, like nuts.


Why Eat Soft Foods After Having A Tooth Pulled?

Soft meals are suitable after extraction since chewing them is gentle on the teeth. Soft foods help you avoid placing excessive strain on your teeth. 

When the extraction site has entirely healed, you can resume your usual eating habits and recuperate more quickly by following a soft-food diet.

After Having A Tooth Pulled (Including Wisdom Teeth), Can I Eat Solid Food?

“How long after an oral surgery may I eat solid food?” may be on your mind. You can still eat, but there are several items you should stay away from for at least 24 hours.

After My Tooth Extraction On Day One, What May I Eat?

After the first day, you must maintain a soft and light diet. It is much better if you drink liquids like wholesome shakes, smoothies, or juices.

To prepare a nutritious fruit shake, combine seasonal fruits with milk or Greek yogurt.

Oral hygiene should be taken because your meal has a significant impact on the healing process. You may also take banana ice cream on day 1 to get respite from the agonizing pain right away.


Now that you know the answer to the question “What can I eat after tooth extraction?” it would be wise to fill your pantry with these delectable delicacies to ensure that you’ll be nourished and satisfied following surgery.

After having a tooth out, consuming nutritious soft meals is essential for a speedy and painless recovery process.

As I mentioned, skip alcoholic beverages, large chunks and comfort food. Try to consume more blended soups, mashed avocado, mashed bananas when consuming a meal after tooth extraction.

Your recovery period will be shorter if you follow these pieces of advice. In any case, eating after tooth extraction is not recommended for at least 3 hours. Tooth extractions are considered a surgery, even if it is a minor one.

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