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How Long Does Lip Filler Swelling Last: Lip Filler Swelling Stages

Lip Filler Treatment

Lip filler injections are the best way to get fuller lips, or so called lip lift without major plastic surgery. Lip treatment can be done in a few minutes and are relatively inexpensive. Lip fillers are made from natural ingredients that come from plants, animals, or minerals. These fillers can be injected into your lips to plump them up and create a more attractive appearance. There are many different types of lip filler treatments available today. Some of the most popular treatments include Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero. find out how long does lip filler swelling last and the lip filler swelling stages in this article.

Is It Painful To Get Lip Fillers?

Lip filler is a cosmetic procedure that can be done by a medical professional with care. It is not painful, but it is not completely painless either. How much pain you feel depends on your pain threshold, which is different for everybody. Before starting on the procedure, doctors usually apply a topical numbing cream to make it less uncomfortable.

Lip Filler Swelling Stages: Swelling After Lip Fillers

Here are some helpful tips on how to reduce lip swelling after dermal fillers:

  1. Follow the post-treatment advice offered by your medical professional and drink lots of water.
  2. To help reduce and clear up lip swelling faster, use a cold compress ice pack or an ice cube covered in cloth against your upper lip
  3. Heat can enhance swelling and should be avoided.
  4. Sleep on your back and elevate the head. The elevation should help with minimizing swelling. Do not sleep face down.
  5. Eating salt-heavy food can make you retain fluids. This makes swelling worse.

How Long Will Swelling from Dermal Filler Treatment Last

Lip swelling and final results will last anywhere from six months to one year with the right care.

How Soon Can I See Lip Filler Procedure Results

There might be some slight, gradual improvements after getting lip filler injections. However, you will start to see noticeable changes right away.

Lip Filler Cost

Lip fillers are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. The price, however, can vary a lot depending on where you get it done. The cost of lip filler varies across different countries, but also depends on the type of filler used and the specific area to be injected. In general, lip fillers are not cheap. The average cost ranges from $600 to $800 per treatment.

Allergic Reactions to Lip Fillers

Some people have an allergic reaction to lip injections when they have never had one before or when they have had one before but with a different type of filler. The most common side effects of lip fillers are significant swelling, uneven swelling in the treated area, bruising and redness.

In most cases there is no severe pain involved. These reactions usually go away on their own within a few days. If you experience any pain or swelling at the injection site and the lips have excessive swelling and is not going away, it is a good idea that you consult with your doctor right away.

Exercising After Injectable Fillers

Fuller Lips After Lip Augmentation
Fuller Lips After Lip Augmentation

The effectiveness of lip fillers can be reduced if they are combined with strenuous exercise.

It is essential not to engage in any vigorous activity, saunas, or hot showers for 24-48 hours after leaving the clinic.

The high temperatures and sustained physical activity can often lead to more blood flow (due to the blood vessels expanding) below the injectable treatment, worsening any swelling or soreness.

You can get bacterial infections on your lip area from heavy sweating.

Sweating can also cause dehydration, so don’t forget to drink plenty of water. If you need to work-out within the first day or two after getting lip injections, then it’s best not to do too much rigorous activity.

Try to exercise early in the morning, late at night, or in an air-conditioned environment to avoid heat. Steam rooms and saunas are strongly unrecommended.

Is Kissing OK after Lip Augmentation Procedure?

You should let your body heal after a treatment. It is not recommended that you engage in kissing for 48 hours after getting lip injections because kissing puts a lot of pressure on the lips which can cause pain, considerable swelling, and even bruising.

Kissing can also introduce bacteria to your injection site, which can increase the risk of infection. Avoid any activities that may cause your lip to be irritated.

Lip Filler Swelling Stages: Swelling After Lip Filler

Let’s discuss how long does lip filler swelling last after lip fillers, starting from Day 0 thru Week 4.

Day 0 (Day of lip filler injection procedure)

Significant swellings may develop right away following the surgery. The majority of the time, the swelling is uneven. Because it is impossible to assess until the inflammation has cleared up or diminished following surgery, it is advised that you do not stress about the unevenness during the first few days or weeks.

At the four-week point, it is advised that you see your doctor for an evaluation if you are concerned. So, how long does swelling last after lip filler? Let’s take a closer look of the lip filler swelling stages, day by day.

Day 1 (Lip filler swelling day 1)

How Long Does Swelling Last After Lip Filler
How Long Does Swelling Last After Lip Filler

On the first morning after procedure, inflammation is frequently at its most intense and severe. Additionally, you have the highest risk of acquiring cold sores one to two days after a lip filler enhancement operation.

The upper lip would be somewhat protruding and may be significantly larger than the lower lip. Fillers for the lips can be customized to match your needs, but they might require changes if you did not request them to be put in that manner.

During this moment, you may experience extreme anxiety. Because of the inflammation, the lips will look full. Naturally, you may start to fear the worse; nonetheless, the condition will gradually improve.

You could be experiencing drinking and eating difficulties, but remember that this is only a passing phase. The situation worsens before it improves. You may discuss with the physician regarding your financial situation.

Otherwise, you face a slower recovery. Additionally, hypersensitivity is prevalent during the first several days. Nonetheless, sensitivity, stiffness, and pain following lip fillers are frequent throughout this period.

Day 2 (Lip filler swelling day 2)

On day 2 of lip filler swelling, anticipate redness and inflammation. After one day, inflammation occurs, and it frequently begins to diminish and get better within the next few days. During this time, you might begin to notice bruising and may detect bumps on your lips. Inflammatory response will eventually subside though.

Day 4 (Lip filler swelling day 4)

Usually on third day to fourth day of the standard treatment, individuals might start to observe an inflammatory progression. There may be a slight extension in the upper portion of the lips, but you’ll also find it easier to speak and eat. There will be some tenderness to feel and sense.

After 1 Week

Lip Swelling
Lip filler swelling stages: Lip Swelling Decreases After 1 Week

After about 7 days or during the one-week period of lip fillers swelling, the person’s swelling decreases. The lips will also become slightly smaller.

However, now is the time as you start to experience the true results.

Consequently, this lip filler swelling period typically lasts a maximum of two weeks. If it continues, contact your doctor right away.

After 2 Weeks

About about two weeks after the procedure with soft tissue fillers, these will have settled in. Nonetheless, often there may be large amount of swelling; yet, many people will look and feel just fine.

After 4 Weeks

A month or four weeks just after the lips have healed we can evaluate the asymmetry and size of a patient’s lips. In case the patient chooses more treatment, it can be performed at this phase. If adjustments are necessary, you must wait until this time.

Type of Dermal Filler Available

Lip Filler Injections
Lip Filler Injections

Dermal fillers can be dermal filler injections or fat transfer. There are many different types of dermal fillers available on the market today, including permanent advanced techniques using permanent lip fillers :

  • Hyaluronic Acid Fillers: Hyaluronic acid fillers contain hyaluronic acid and are used to fill wrinkles and fine lines. The effects of Hyaluronic acid fillers fillers can last for a long period of time. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally produced by the body. The Hyaluronic acid fillers can boost your lips’ volume and naturally change the shape of your lips. Restylane and Juvederm are two of the most well-known brands in this market.
  • Collagen Lip Fillers: In recent years, we’re seeing a shift in preference with collagen lip fillers taking a back seat to Hyaluronic Acid fillers. Even though collagen lip fillers are still a possible way to get lip enhancement, Hyaluronic Acid fillers are more comfortable and will provide a more natural result. One pro of collagen lip fillers is that they lasts longer, and ones being used nowadays are safer than the previous ones were. Collagen fillers plump up the lips and Hyaluronic Acid fillers offer best results because they will plump the lips, AND also trap water inside the lips for natural and full-looking lips.
  • Silicone Lip Fillers (Permanent): While Hyaluronic acid fillers can only last for a max. of 6 -12 months, silicone lip fillers will be permanent cosmetic procedure and do not need any maintenance. They can be implanted to both upper and lower lip. These are actually implants of a lip shape and are embedded via 2 mini cuts made to your lips. These can also be easily removed if there are any implications. These implants are not as popular due to the unnatural feeling patients experience.
  • Lip Injections via Fat Transfer: Lip injections via fat transfer Enhance the size, fullness, texture and symmetry of your lips with this lip augmentation procedure. Surgeons take fat cells from the patient’s buttocks, abdomen, and thighs to start the fat transfer procedure. Fat is processed and injected in the lips. The doctor is the one who decided how much fat can be injected into the lips. Recovery period can take several weeks, and is much slower than other procedure recovery time. You can expect bruising, swelling and very swollen lips. Slowly, as the swelling goes down, the lips will look more and more natural , firm and pretty. Fat injections are more permanent than dermal fillers, but not as predictable as absorption goes. It may also be needed to be done 2-3 times to achieve the results desired. Follow-up appointment may be required.
  • Restylane: Restylane is a hyaluronic acid filler that is usually injected into the lips, mouth, cheeks, and nose. Restylane filler can smooth wrinkles and create fuller cheeks after injection. There are several diverse types of Restylane products that can be used on the face. For example, Restylane Silk (FDA Approved), which filler is usually used for lip augmentation and to eliminate wrinkles around the mouth. Restylane Silk has a smoother gel, and because of that it offers smoother and more refined results. Doctors are able to inject Restylane Silk into the upper and lower lips through an very fine needle with precision. It also contains a local anesthetic which reduces discomfort during the lip augmentation procedure. Depending on how many injections the patient is getting, the lip augmentation may take 5-30 minutes. After getting a Restylane lip enhancement injection, swelling can be expected, but most often this goes away after a few hours. Allergic reactions, bruising and bleeding are possible. The level of swelling depends on several factors. It may take multiple days to see the results of the lip injection treatment, but many patients see the results right away.
  • Juvederm: This line of hyaluronic acid fillers can help you address signs of aging like frown lines on the face. Many patients say Juvederm lip injections are perfect for increasing lip shape, volume, and size. There are two types of Juvederm lip injections: Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Volbella XC. Both fillers help make the lips look fuller and better. They also reduce appearance of fine lines around the lips. Both Ultra & Volbella XC have lidocaine. This lessens uncomfortable feeling during the filler treatment and your surgeon may also choose to numb the injection site before the treatment procedure. Side effects are usually the same as with other lip filler procedure: lumps, bruising, redness, itching, minor pain, post-filler swelling. Although these injections are quick and mostly painless, it is still recommended that you refrain from strenuous activities and exposing your skin to sunlight for 24 hours after the treatment. Results of lip fillers are plump and sexy lips.

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Hopefully, you found the answer to your question about how long does lip filler swelling last. Lip augmentation is an option for those with smaller lips wanting to have youthful, poutier look. It is important to know what to expect so you can prepare for the lip filler appointment and not be surprised by the initial treatment when you go the first time.

Nurish Lips
Vitamin E Lip Balm to Nurish Lips

The human body is unique and while you get similar results to other people’s results, the experience may be unique for you. Lip injections are still considered a minor trauma to the face and lips and should be treated as such.

You can go with the most common type of lip filler or choose the one that you feel the most comfortable with after discussing it with your plastic surgeon.

Pay attention to your healing process and the lip filler swelling stages and if you feel something is out of ordinary, and not part of the regular healing process of the cosmetic treatments, make sure you contact your doctor. Also, you must take care of your lips to make sure that your lip filler swelling last a long time without complications.

Use vitamin E balm to nurish the skin on your lips. So, how long does swelling last after lip filler? It will take weeks and months, but as you’ve read, the lip swelling will have different stages.

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