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Apakah Axolotl Hewan Peliharaan yang Baik? Bisakah Anda Memiliki Axolotl Sebagai Hewan Peliharaan?

An axolotl is an type of salamander (tiger salamanders) often mistaken for a small fish (Mexican Walking Fish) that is mainly found in Mexico City and a few surrounding lakes and wild axolotls can also be found in New Jersey. They are a common exotic pet, as they do not need much space and they can live up to 20 years in a axolotl tank. They are a good idea for pets because they are hardy and can live without any water for months. In this post we will discuss the anwe to the questions: Are Axolotls good pets dan Can you have an axolotl as a pet. Keep reading!

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Most Popular Pet Axolotls

People who own axolotls must pay attention to the needs of these little creatures, especially the baby axolotls and juvenile axolotls because these little guys have certain needs in order to keep them healthy. Axolotls in their adult form have tiny black eyes and 4 legs and pinkish skin.

Mexican Walking Fish

Mexican Walking Fish
Pet Pink Axolotl

The axolotl is a fascinating creature that has been around for about 65 million years and is a neotenic salamander which means that it retains its larval features throughout its life.

If you are planning to get one and asking ‘where do you get a axolotl’, then here we go…the answer is simple. In pet stores.

The axolotl can be found in the lake Xochimilco and Chalco near Mexico City.

They are also found in Lake Texcoco, which is now largely drained.

Axolotl are one of the most popular pets in Mexico City and are also sold as pets in Mexican pet shop and sometimes kept as pets in other countries. Many people in the USA keep pet Axolotls, because they are extremely cute.

Pet Axolotls Temperament and Personality

These cute little animals are very entertaining to watch. They rarely show aggression despite leaving him alone. They are not social animals and can live alone just fine. However, you can get a companion for the axolotl if you prefer. Just make sure they are in the same weight class, so neighter of them eats the other…

Live axolotls have been used extensively in scientific research due to their ability to regenerate lost limbs, spinal cord and other body parts. This incredible ability is due to their capacity for neoteny, or the retention of larval characteristics into adulthood.

Apakah Axolotl Buta?

Your axolotl pet can’t see very well but they are still not blind. Their eye sight is very weak. They are nocturnal and try to avoid any type of light. Adult and young axolotls do not rely on their eye sight, but take information from their immediate surroundings using their lateral line.

Pet Axolotl Cost

If you want to get an axolotl pet, the price is affordable. Axolotl is a highly sought-after pet and an axolotl can be usually found in a pet store and the Axolotl cost is between $5 to $250 based on where you get it and the size and color of the axolotl.

Your total axolotls spend including food and aquarium should be under $300-500, depending on where you buy them.

Axolotls as Pets

Axolotls as Pets
Pet Axolotl

They are known as the “water monster” in Mexico. These great pets need to live in water that is at least 25°C (77°F) to mimic their natural habitat. Water quality and proper care of your new pet is necessary for the entire life of these beautiful axolotls.

They are also a great pet for people who live in small apartments and can be very good pets for beginner pet owners with a low initial cost.

Tank Water Temperature

The axolotl’s skin is very sensitive, so the axolotl’s tank must be kept in a cool room, with clean water, low levels of chlorine and other chemicals. They also require a temperature of about 25-30°C and must not be exposed to temperatures that are lower than 10°C (50°F) or higher than 30°C (86°F). Both young and adult axolotls need to live in water that is at least 25 degrees Celsius.

Pet Axolotl Lifespan

Pet axolotls have a long lifespan which can be up to 10-15 years. Your pet should be fed once a week. This “pet fish” need a varied diet to eat live or frozen food in order not to harm their stomach and intestines. In captivity, they can also be fed with commercial pellets that are sold at pet stores.

Feeding a Pet Axolotl

Virtually all axolotl species are carnivorous, meaning that axolotls eat live or dead animals and their gut bacteria break down the flesh to extract nutrients. Some of them have adapted to eating plants, but only in small amounts.

These exotic animals need to consume a large amount of food every day. They can be fed commercial pellets sold at pet stores that are made with quality ingredients that can be left out for them during the day as well as fresh aquatic plants, fresh vegetables, bloodworm cubes, other fish and fresh fruit.

You should feed them a small amount of food on a daily basis so that they are healthy, and you should provide them with enough water to drink. Axolotls need to be exposed to high levels of oxygen as well as warm and cool temperatures in order for their lungs to function properly.

Axolotl life expectency is pretty long and it makes them to be a perfect pet.

Pet Axolotl Fish Tank

The bigger the better when it comes to an aquarium tank for axolotls. Adult axolotls require at least 20 gallons of tank space. A 55-75 gallon tank is required to house 2+ axolotls in the very same tank. And the tank must be at minimum 10 gallons in size for young baby axolotls.

They need the water temperature range from 72-82 degrees Fahrenheit and the air temperature from 72-88 degrees Fahrenheit.

Axolotl Aquarium Tank Setup

Getting an axolotl takes a bit of an effort. You’ll need large tanks to offer a large amount of space to your cute little axolotl. Axolotls prefers still water and require a specialized water filter to keep current from entering the aquarium. You will need to replace 20 percent of the water each week to keep the axolotl’s water tank clean.

These unique creatures produce a lot of ammonia buildup, which needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Use an aquarium water conditioner, not only a water filter to create the ideal condition for these little animals.

You can also get a water test kit to test the water condition to make sure they are getting the water they need. Aquariums should not use sand because the gravel is easily swallowed and will cause health issues for the axolotls.

What Do Pet Axolotls Tend to Eat?

Feeding an axolotl is not complicated. Most food can be found in your home or can be bought in a pet trade store. The axolotl’s diet includes worms, brine shrimp, frozen shrimp, commercial fish pellets and tubifex worms. These little animals can also eat raw hamburger meat as long as you cut off the fat parts off of the meat. Offering them mineral supplements is ideal.

Are Pet Axolotls Illegal or Are Axolotls Legal?

Axolotls are invasive Species. Invasive species are an issue because they can alter the ecosystem to such an extent that it has to be returned to a natural state, by removing the introduced organisms or restoring the original ecosystem.

These exotic pets are illegal to own as pets in some US states and Canadian provinces, as well, since they’re on the critically endangered species list.

In California, Maine, New Jersey , and DC, you will need to get a permit if you want to keep one. Similarly, in Canada, axolotls are illegal to have in some provinces. They’re banned in New Brunswick, BC and PEI while Nova Scotia requires a permit.

Axolotls are also not allowed in Winnipeg but are legal elsewhere throughout the county. This may be annoying for all those who live in areas where all these prohibitions are in effect, it is essential to mention that such rules exist for a good reason.

Do Axolotls Make Good Pets?

Axolotl is a good pet, though it is not ideal for a beginner pet owner. Although they can tolerate occasional changes of temperature and water levels, they are sensitive. Tap water is not recommended for their water habitat. It is recommended to add distilled water or a very good filtration system.


Axolotls are Salamanders

Axolotls are Salamanders
Axolotls are Salamanders

Axolotl Fish? Nope. It is a type of Mexican salamander. Can you belive that? There are several species of these adorable salamanders.

These Mexican Salamanders are small amphibians that live in freshwater lakes and ponds. They have feathery gills that they use to breathe while under water.

They have a long tail and four legs and can be found in freshwater lakes and ponds, where they use their feathery gills to breathe while under water.

They also have external gills on their sides, which they use as an extra breathing apparatus.

Mole salamanders are the largest type of salamander. They can grow up to six feet long. and live underground or in damp rocky areas.

Can You Have An Axolotl As a Pet?

Many pets have been released and then became part of the local native environment. For example, there is the case of axolotls where they caused changes and harm to the ecosystem. This happened in Florida, where they passed a law banning the ownership of multiple reptile species that may put the local ecosystem at risk.

This ban targeted reptiles that people kept as pets at home, like iguanas and pythons. In Florida, due to the number of released pets, almost drove local wild animal species to extinction.

Pet Axolotl Images. Most Popular Is The Pink Axolotl

Axolotl Pets Common Health Problems

Several important characteristics of these animals are their regenerative potential. In cases where an injury is not fatal, axolotls can redevelop the limb or tail. This unique skill does not protect the axolotls from any medical conditions. Unsanitary aquarium conditions may cause viral infection and bacterial infections, and symptoms can include lethargy and depleted appetites.

A build up of ammonia can cause serious health effects. It may disrupt a respiratory system and cause damage to gills or cause neurological injury. It is recommended to purchase your axolotl at a reputable breeder or recommended private breeders.

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