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पेट दर्द के लिए घरेलू उपचार (पेट दर्द से राहत के 14 विकल्प)

At some point in their lives, everyone will have a stomach ache, and it’s only normal to desire to receive some relief right away. Most people look for home remedies for stomach ache before going to the doctor.

Before opting for an over-the-counter (OTC) prescription, you might want to think about using a few natural remedies that can instantly relieve bloating, gas, nausea, and stomach discomfort.

Here, we will learn about easy DIY cures and home remedies for stomach ache that individuals frequently use at work, at home, at school, or while traveling.

Common Causes of Stomach Ache & Pain

We’ve all occasionally dealt with one or more stomach discomfort triggers. Here is a handful of them:

  • Eating too much
  • Constipation
  • Heartburn (due to stomach acid)
  • Indigestion
  • Bacterial Stomach infection
  • Viral Infection (ex. stomach flu)
  • Taking medicine on an empty stomach
  • Lactose Intolerance
  • Gas
  • Dairy Products (due to lactose intolerance)
  • Kidney Stones

Regardless of the reason, all you want is for your stomachache to disappear. No matter what kind of stomach discomfort or abdominal pain you have, a natural home remedy may relieve it.

What Signs Indicate An Unsettled Stomach?

Typical symptoms of an upset stomach or indigestion include:

  • stomach discomfort
  • acid reflux (heartburn)
  • nausea
  • stomach cramps
  • hiccups
  • bad breath
  • gas, bloating
  • belching
  • farting

Natural Treatments And Home Remedies For Stomach Ache

You are not alone if you occasionally experience stomach pain. Food poisoning, stress, and more serious condition like irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer, or celiac disease can all contribute to an unsettled stomach.

lemon juice for stomach ache
Home Remedy For Stomach Pain

It’s simple to manage many stomach problems at home. However, seeking medical attention is always the best course of action if you have lingering problems or pain, or if you suddenly develop severe pains or symptoms.

The best पेट दर्द के घरेलू उपाय and pain are listed below.

1. Ginger

Ginger has a long history of being used as a cure-all for anything from pain to nausea. It is not only a myth, either. Studies show that numerous forms of stomach pain can be effectively treated with ginger.

Various forms of ginger, a natural anti-inflammatory, are available. Although ginger chews and tablets are convenient to take, some people prefer ginger tea. Make a cup of tea with fresh ginger root or try a natural ginger ale.

2. Don’t Lay Flat If You Have Heartburn

Avoiding Laying Down May Help Keep Heartburn From Developing From Indigestion. The stomach’s acid is more likely to migrate backward and upward when the body is horizontal, which might result in heartburn.

Lemon Juice

Lemon water is often used for stomach ache and to help digestion. Make a lemonade (without sugar) for a refreshing and healthy drink.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar may be able to reduce the stomach pain brought on by persistent gastritis, according to some research.

Probiotics included in apple cider vinegar can help balance the bacterial infection in the stomach and reduce symptoms of H. pylori infection such as stomach discomfort, reflux, and bloating.

A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar may be eaten to settle an unsettled stomach, despite not tasting particularly good on its own. A cup of water with a little honey is also a good option.

The internal acids may aid in slowing down starch digestion and maintaining the balance of gut flora.

4. Coconut Liquid

It has minerals like magnesium and potassium that lessen muscular spasms, stomach discomfort, and stomach contractions. Due to its low sugar and calorie content and lack of acidity, coconut water is a superior alternative to carbonated drinks and sports drinks for rehydrating.

If you want a pain reliever for the signs of an upset stomach, consider drinking a glass of coconut water every two to three hours.

5. Peppermint Tea

The use of peppermint is one of the well-known and successful natural treatments for stomach aches. The digestive system especially benefits from peppermint.

peppermint for stomach ache

Gas discomfort can be reduced thanks to peppermint’s antispasmodic calming effect on the tense muscles of the digestive system. The compounds that give mint its crisp, fresh flavor also have inherent analgesic properties.

Additionally, the herb peppermint reduces intestinal and stomach contractions, which stops the tensing of the digestive muscles, which can lead to nausea and stomach discomfort.

Making a cup of peppermint or spearmint tea, inhaling the scent of peppermint oil, and sucking on a minty candy may also be good home remedies for stomach ache.

6. Chamomile Tea

Your upset stomach may be also relieved by herbal teas, like chamomile tea, a type of beverage made from the chamomile plant. Commonly used for this are two species known as Anthemis nobilis and Matricaria recutita.

Polyphenols, which are plant-based substances found in chamomile, are supposed to soothe the digestive tract and relieve symptoms including nausea, menstrual cramps, and indigestion.

Additionally, chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that may help treat inflammatory diseases like GERD, IBS, gastroenteritis, and gastritis.

7. Aloe Vera Juice

Home treatments like aloe juice can ease acid reflux, promote bowel movements, aid in the digestion of proteins, lessen inflammation, and balance the good and bad bacteria in the stomach.

Symptoms including nausea, heartburn, vomiting, and flatulence (farting) can all be relieved with aloe vera juice.

8. Honey

Use a teaspoon of honey mixed with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a cup of water. This drink mixture may help with indigestion, gas and cramping.

9. Adopt The BRAT Diet

The BRAT diet is known to all parents of young children, like toddlers. Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast make up the BRAT diet.

stomach pain relief
Brat Diet

BRAT has low-fiber, high-binding foods.

None of these dishes contain salt or spices. It can help with vomiting, diarrhea and nausea, at any age.

This bland diet consisting of bland foods is a natural remedy for stomach discomfort when you have stomach pain but still need to consume something.

10. Warming Pad

Cuddle up with your warm blanket and unwind till your symptoms go away if you’re feeling under the weather. A heating pad or hot water bottle may be soothing.

Warmth from your stomach will distract you from any cramping or discomfort, and the heat may also aid in muscular relaxation, blood flow and reduce your nausea. However, avoid overusing it since this might damage your skin.

11. Warm Bath

The warm bath works similarly to the warming pad. Helps your tummy and entire body relax and rest.

12. Hot Shower

A hot shower is an alternative to the warming pad and the warm bath. Increases blood flow, and relaxes the muscles which may cause your stomach ache.

13. Spices

In Chinese medicine, spices like cumin seeds, fennel seeds, cloves, and cinnamon are used to soothe stomach ache and upset stomach. They can hasten sluggish digestion and also have anti-inflammatory qualities.

These spices can relieve symptoms of the digestive tract such as burping, indigestion, gas, acidity, bloating, and cramps.

These spices may be used in spicy foods or as an addition to your favorite tea. You can drink this flavored tea two to three times daily.

14. Drink Hot Water

Drinking hot water helps to activate and clean out your digestive tract. It helps eliminate stuck digestive waste from your large and small intestine, which may be causing your stomach ache.

Preventing Stomach Ache

The Following Tips May Help Prevent Stomach Pain

  • Drink plenty of fluids, like water or tea
  • Consuming fewer processed or fatty meals
  • Eating small portions several times a day
  • Regular exercise for stress reduction
  • Identifying food allergies and intolerances
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Weight Loss

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When Home Remedies For Stomach Ache Do Not Work

A tummy ache is an unpleasant but common condition, unfortunately. Most of the time, homeopathic remedies may be used to alleviate stomachaches.

However, indigestion’s common symptoms are also present in other diseases. If home remedies do not work, you have severe pain and symptoms persist, see your doctor or healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment.

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