Valkyries المعنى (Viking Valkyries Norse Mythology & Valkyrie Symbol)

Welcome to a journey into history and legend! The Valkyries, as they have come to be known, are supernatural women from Norse mythology best known for their fearsome battle prowess. But who were these powerful female warriors? What was their purpose in the stories told across Northern Europe centuries ago? To answer these questions and find out the Valkyries meaning and the Valkyrie symbol, let’s take an exciting look at the Valkyrie meaning behind the mythological tales.

What is a Valkyrie?

The term “Valkyrie” is derived from an old Norse Valkyrja; plural Valkyrjur.” It consists of two words: “Val,” and “Kyrja which, when combined, refer to the chooser of the slain.

Valkyries chose slain warriors in the battle to be transported to the afterlife in Norse Mythology. These beliefs are presented in the form of the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda, along with skaldic poetry.

The Valkyries rode on a winged horse called Aragorn and carried the courage of fallen heroes off to the halls of Valhalla to live a glorious afterlife. They also had magical powers that allowed them to see the future, control storms, and even shape-shifts.

To date, they have remained a source of inspiration for many stories, Norse poems, and songs throughout history.

History and Origin of Valkyries

Valkyries Meaning

The origin of valkyries dates back to the Vikings of Scandinavia. These powerful female fighters were believed to protect and guide fallen heroes in battle in a realm known as Valhalla.

The tales of valkyries have been passed down through generations and are still being told today.

However, the history surrounding the origin of Valkyries remains unclear. Some believe valkyries were inspired by a type of stormy spirit called “valkyrior” and the leader of Odin’s shield maidens.

Others believe the idea originated from stories about female beings escorting souls to the afterlife.

Whatever their origin may be, valkyries are still seen as strong, beautiful, and powerful fighters who protect, defend, and lead brave soldiers into battle. They prove that despite the situation or challenge, strength and courage can prevail.

Despite their ancient roots, Valkyries continue to be an inspiring source of empowerment both on the battlefield and in life. With their unwavering commitment to justice, they remain one of the most iconic figures throughout mythology.

How Do Valkyries Look Like

Valkyries Meaning

There is no distinct feature of how valkyries look, as there are many interpretations in art and literature.

Generally, they are depicted as beautiful women dressed in armor with wings or feathered cloaks. They often carry weapons such as spears, swords, or shields and sometimes ride horses wearing helmets. Some artwork even portrays Valkyries riding on the backs of flying birds.

Other than their form and accessories, Valkyries are described as having strong personalities that exude fearlessness, courage, and compassion. These warrior-maidens make for quite an intimidating yet awe-inspiring sight.

In Scandinavian mythology, Valkyries can be both benevolent guardians to humans who they deem worthy of their protection or bringers of death who decide the warrior’s fate during war.

The Powers of Valkyries

Valkyries have power that is unmatched by any other force in the universe. They can fly, create powerful gusts of wind with their wings, and control lightning and thunder.

They also have the power to grant a warrior the strength they need to fight in battle, an ability often referred to as “The Valkyrie’s Gift.”

But Valkyries aren’t just about giving strength; they’re also protectors of mankind. With their superhuman powers, they are able to defend humans from all kinds of harm. Whether it be from giants or gods, Valkyries have proven themselves time and again as guardians of justice.

Even with powerful opponents, these brave warriors never back down from a challenge, even if it means risking death. After all, that’s what makes them so special.

It’s this strength and tenacity that make Valkyries such inspiring figures in mythology. They are supernatural figures who will never stop fighting for good.

No matter how tough the odds may be, you can always count on these fearsome fighters to do the right thing.

Valkyrie Norse Symbols

Valkyrie Symbol)

The Shield Maiden Valkyrie symbol is similar to the traditional Valkyrie symbol, with wings, a long double staff and usually with a Nordic knot in the centre.

Nobody really knows the Valkyrie symbol origins, but it is thought that the wings represent the speed with which the Valkyries can fly though the air, and that Odin’s knot is a symbol of the transition between life and death.


Valkyrie symbolizes courage. She is brave and bold, able to stand up for what’s right despite the risks involved. It takes courage to face the unknown, and Valkyrie proves time and time again that she has it in spades.


It goes without saying that Valkyrie is a powerful warrior. Her strength allows her to take on multiple opponents at once and defend herself with ease.

In addition, her inner strength allows the Valkyrie to remain cool under pressure and make rational decisions even when faced with difficult situations.


Valkyrie is loyal to those who have earned her trust; she will always be there for them should they need help. When one of her friends or family members is in trouble, Valkyrie rallies everyone around them regardless of the cost.


Valkyrie is an incredibly resilient individual. She never gives up, even in the face of overwhelming odds. No matter how insurmountable a task may seem, Valkyrie finds a way to overcome it and come out on top.


Behind Valkyrie’s tough exterior lies a heart full of compassion and empathy. She understands the struggles of others and strives to help them whenever she can, recognizing that everyone needs support.

While she isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, Valkyrie also knows when it’s appropriate to show mercy or offer a helping hand.

Physical Powers

Valkyrie can wield a variety of weapons with precision and accuracy, while her agility makes her a formidable opponent in any battle. This Valkyrie symbol also indicates she is an expert archer, able to shoot arrows with deadly accuracy from distances.

Feminine Power

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The power of a feminine goddess is often overlooked, but Valkyrie demonstrates the strength and capability of a woman to take on any challenge.

Valkyrie stands as an example that women can be just as successful and capable as men, no matter what obstacles may stand in their way.

Uses of Valkyries in Pop Culture


Valkyries are used in many pieces of art, from paintings by the likes to modern interpretations. For example, the painting “The Ride of the Valkyries” by Italian painter Cesare Viazzi shows spear-holding women riding the skies on their horses.


Valkyries have also been featured in literature throughout history. They are described as war goddesses wearing armor and riding horses to guide fallen heroes who pass away in the battle to Valhalla.

They are also seen in famous works like ring cycle: The Ring of the Nibelung and Lord of the Rings, where they are presented as powerful mythological figures that are loyal to Odin and bring about fate. These works trace back to Norse mythology, telling stories about a magic ring.

Norse mythology about a magic ring similar to Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

Marvel Comics

Marvel comics has also featured Valkyries in its comic books, including Valkyrie (Brunhilde) and the modern-day version of Jane Foster. The characters embody strength, loyalty, and courage while they battle evil forces.

Video Games

Valkyrie also makes an appearance in popular video games like “God of War,” where she is a formidable warrior who helps Kratos survive his journey through many dangerous worlds.

Other games like “Smite” depict Valkyries as fierce female fighters with incredible powers of flight and agility to combat monsters from Norse mythology.

Movie & TV Series

Tom Cruise

The popularity of Valkyries has grown even more thanks to recent movies and television series such as Thor: Ragnarok, played by Tessa Thompson, and The Avengers.

In these films, they are portrayed as superhumans who have the power to choose which fallen fighters from battle get to live and those who must die.

Another example is the film Valkyrie by Bryan Singer, starring Tom Cruise and Kenneth Branagh.

Military Naming

Germans adopted the term Operation Valkyrie during war to signify the government’s operations plan. The operation was originally designed to combat potential civil unrest in Germany militarily and in the event that allied bombing caused the civil order to break down.

What are Popular Valkyrie Names


valkyrie symbol

Brynhildr translates to “armored battle maiden,” which is a suitable title for these powerful warrior women.

She was one of the famous valkyries who was mostly sent by Odin to decide who would be victorious in battle and was known for her courage and strength.

Besides, she was in charge of Odin’s shield maidens, identified by her enchanted spear called Dragonfang and her winged horse called Aragorn.


Hildr is the second name of a Valkyrie, and it means “battle.” This name was used to describe Valkyries, who were sent on missions to search for recruits worthy of joining Odin’s army in Valhalla.

These female fighters were skilled in both combat and magic, and their abilities made them invaluable assets during the battle.


valkyrie symbol

Another famous Valkyrie name is Göndul. This name means “wand bearer” and was given to those Valkyries who were entrusted with delivering Odin’s messages between the gods and mortals.

She was not only a messenger but also an enforcer, traveling across the land to ensure that no one broke any of Odin’s laws.


Sigrún is also among Valkarie’s names, which means “victory rune.” This name was given to the Valkyries, who had the ability to increase a warrior’s strength and courage during battle.

It is said that when they chanted spells in their native language, their words could make even the most cowardly soldier brave and strong.

The imagination is scary; they used intestines as thread, severed heads for weights, and swords as beaters while chanting their intentions.


Skögul translates to “shriek.” This name was given to Valkyries, who served as scouts for Odin’s army. Skoguls were known for their incredible speed and agility on the battlefield, as well as their powerful battle cries that could terrify even the mightiest.


Geirahöð is another Valkyrie name, often translated as “spear-warrior.” Geirahöð was believed to possess great agility and strength in battle, and her skills on the battlefield were said to be unmatched. She was also credited with being able to inflict terrible wounds on enemies, making her a true force to be reckoned with.


Next is Hjörþrimul Valkyrie, which means the “sword-shaker.” Hjörþrimul was believed to be a fierce warrior, able to wield her sword with deadly accuracy.

She was also said to have been incredibly strong and fearless – even in the face of overwhelming odds. Her skill in battle made her one of the most respected Valkyries in Odin’s army.




Lastly, there is Freyja, who was a goddess of Love, beauty, and war, yet at the same time Freyja Valkyrie.

She was said to have been a master tactician and strategist during battles, allowing her to lead Odin’s army to victory on multiple occasions.

Her power and influence made her one of the most feared Valkyries amongst all of the gods. Odin believed her so much, such that he could command Freyja chooses half of worriors to join and survive as well.

Animals Used to Represent Valkyries


Horses are perhaps the most well-known animal used to represent Valkyries. When Odin needed warriors to join him in battle, he sent out his army of noble horses ridden by female Valkyrie spirits.

These mighty steeds were known for their strength and agility as they galloped through the sky on their way to collect fallen heroes from the battlefield.

Even today, a horse is seen as an embodiment of power, courage, and beauty – all traits which Valkyries possess.

Black Ravens

In addition to horses, black ravens are also believed to be associated with the Valkyries in Norse mythology. They were thought to be messengers that brought news from the gods back down to mortals on earth or even carry out Odin’s orders and lead dead soldiers to Valhalla.

The last destination of the soldiers was the burial mound, where their souls were believed to continue living.


The Valkyries were known for their ferocity in battle, so it’s no surprise that Wolves are sometimes used as an animal representation of them.

In Viking world, the Wolf was seen as a powerful creature with the ability to bring destruction or healing depending on its mood.

Similarly, Valkyries could decide the fate of those who fight on the battlefield, deciding who lives and who dies during war.


Eagles also have connections to Valkyries as they were believed to be messengers from Odin, just like the black ravens. They were thought to be the eyes of Odin, observing and delivering news from battle. Eagles were also seen as Valkyrie symbol of power and strength – traits that Valkyries embodied on the battlefield.


Swans represent Valkyrie Norse symbols as they are beautiful and elegant creatures that can be seen gracefully soaring through the sky. In fact, sometimes the Valkyries are referred to as swan maidens.

Swan was often associated with goddess Freyja who was occasionally accompanied by Valkyries in battle.

Swan maidens were also thought to have magical and healing powers, and the ability to revive fallen heroes with a single touch.

Shield Maidens Vs. Valkyries

Shield Maidens were female warriors from Scandinavian mythology that defended their homeland or family against invaders, while Valkyries were Norse goddesses who collected the souls of slain warriors and took them to Odin’s hall in Valhalla.

Both served similar roles in protecting their people—but there are some crucial differences between them as well.

Shield Maidens fought with swords and shields, whereas Valkyries could fly into battle on horseback.

Shields Maidens were mortal human women in the old Norse sources, while Valkyries were immortal beings with supernatural powers. And even though the Shield Maidens were mortal, some of them were believed to be so fierce and courageous that they were thought to have goddess-like qualities.

One thing they did have in common, though, was their skillset; both were incredibly powerful fighters with incredible strength and courage.

Also, the Shield Maiden Valkyrie symbol is similar to the traditional Valkyrie symbol, with wings, a long double staff and usually with a Nordic knot in the centre.

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Which is the most famous Valkyrie?

The most famous valkyrie is Brynhild. She is renowned as the bravest of all Valkyries and was chosen by Odin himself to choose which warriors would die in battle and which ones would live. Her heroic deeds were so legendary that she even managed to capture the heart of the mortal hero Sigurd.

What culture do Valkyries belong to?

Valkyries belong to a group of maidens who serve the god Odin in Norse society. They are said to choose which soldiers would live or die in battle and then guide the souls of fallen heroes to Odin’s hall, Valhalla. Valkyries are often depicted as beautiful maidens dressed in armor, with wings on their backs, riding horses through the sky.

Is Valkyrie Good Or Bad?

die walküre

Valkyrie can be good or bad. For some, this mysterious creature is a benevolent protector of righteous warriors in the afterlife.

Others may see her as a harbinger of death, foretelling battles and delivering souls to the underworld.

Whatever your opinion may be, it’s undeniable that Valkyrie has been an integral part of Norse mythology for centuries.

Does Male Valkyrie Exist?

There are no records of a male Valkyrie in Norse mythology, though, in some versions of the stories, Valkyrie-like characters such as Odin’s Wild Hunt may have been male. Authors have created male versions of Valkyries in modern interpretations, including Marvel Comics. So while male Valkyrie did not exist in traditional mythology and folklore, they do appear in some reimagined stories.

What is the traditional Valkyrie symbol?

The traditional Valkyrie symbol has wings on one side, showing Valkyries fly through the air on their horses with a winged helm of Awe which represents courage. Other versions have wings around a Valknut or Odin’s knot. These wings represent fallen soldiers.

Are Valkyries and shield-maidens the same?

No, Valkyries and shield-maidens are different. Valkyries are supernatural female figures from Norse mythology who choose which fighters are will die in battle and take them to Valhalla. Shield-maidens, on the other hand, are female soldiers who actually fought in the battles themselves. So while Valkyries decide who lives and dies, shield-maidens do the fighting.

What does the Norse symbol imply?

The Norse symbol is often associated with strength, courage, and freedom. It’s thought to bring good luck and protection from harm. For many, it evokes a sense of adventure and exploration, inspiring us to push our boundaries and take risks without fear.

Who was the war god and goddess of Valkyrie

Odin was the god of Valkyrie warriors living in Valhalla and chose soldiers to join his ranks and fight in battles. Freyja was the goddess of love, but she was also a Valkyrie warrior. She had two Valkyries flying out above the battlefield and reporting to her about who was winning or losing.

Where were fallen warriors taken after war?

Fallen soldiers were taken to Odin’s hall in Valhalla. The valkyries collected the heroes’ bodies from war and took them to Odin, the god. Over time, Valhalla changed into a peaceful place where the bravest fighters, rulers, and heroes could find rest. The gods created meadows, luxurious gardens, and great halls in which souls dwell.

Who appointed slain warriors?

Valkyrie was in charge of appointing slain warriors. Later they would be lifted on the horse to go back to the hall in Vallhalla to join einherjar in Valhalla. They were granted the privilege to enjoy the goodies afterlife, like food and entertainment, with Thor’s daughter, Thurd as their caretaker.

Did Valkyries Marry?

Yes, Valjylries were allowed to fall in love and marry. Other than serving the warriors, they engaged in love with them as well as some of the living mortals. One of the famous Valkyries in the Norse stories is Sigrún, who fell in love with Hero Helgi.

Final Thought: The Valkyrie Symbol

Though they have not been seen in many centuries, Valkyries (or old Norse) still hold an important place in Norse mythology and in the hearts of those who love a good story.

The Valkyrie symbol is still used today as a representation of strength and power. If you’re looking for a strong and powerful woman to represent you, look no further than the Valkyries. With their strength, beauty, and courage, these warrior women are sure to inspire you.

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