About Us

Miscalles means ‘my streets’ in Spanish. The purpose of the Miscalles life inspired blog is to bring you inspirational blogs about life, health inspiration, and other inspirational blogs about various topics.

The blog posts are researched and written about subjects that are most frequently asked online but there are not enough answers, yet, or the answer is very dry. The Miscalles blog posts are inspired by life and we tried to combine each topic with some kind of inspirational message.​

Miscalles’ blog tries to bring life inspiration, fun and color into dry information, making reading our life blog a bit more interesting. While we try our best to write inspiration filled blog posts, not all of our blogs are inspiration filled, becasue the subject calls for a different tune.

We invite you to look around and enjoy our blog content. If you want to reach out to us, please go to our Contact page.

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